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As the oldest student union at Copenhagen Business School, we put a virtue in creating the best study environment for students in the International Business and Politics programme. The IBP Union covers two branches – The IBP Academic and the IBP Social, in which events are organized to improve the academic skills of our students and to create a better social sphere of the student environment.

The International Business and Politics programme educates us on how economic and political forces shape the globalized world – and how companies and political institutions should react in such a globalized and ever-changing environment to optimize business strategies and political methods to meet the challenges of tomorrow. A deep theoretical understanding of different perspectives contributes further to our understanding of the globalized world.

The students of the IBP programme are highly talented, curious and ambitious – always eager to learn and explore what the world is offering. This creates a great basis for a student organisation such as the IBP Union to nourish from the potential creativity of the students and their willingness to engage in the student environment.

Alumni of the International Business and Politics programme end up in both the public and private sector. This gives the programme a broad outcome with regard to career opportunities ranging from management consultants to employees in ministries and all that lies in between.


“I have always been struck by the strength and vibrancy of the IBP Union. The Union organizes a remarkably impressive range of meetings and events. They take the themes addressed on IBP courses as their point of departure but build on them so as to provide discussions about current affairs, guidance for those planning exchanges or internships, and much more besides.”

– Eddie Ashbee, Programme Director of International Business and Politics

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