Øresund: Linking Minds event

– Do you want to visit Lund University for a day?
– Do you want to meet, interact and work with Swedish university students?
– Do you want learn more about case-solving and see how your knowledge gained at IBP can be applied to a real life situation?

The Academic Committee of IBP Union at CBS in corporation with LundaEkonomerna at Lund University, School of Economics and Management, is proud to host the new collaboration project Øresund: Linking Minds, a one day live-case competition, held once in Denmark and once in Sweden.

At each live-case competition even held, an invited company/representatives will deliver a live-case for 36 students, 18 from each University. The participants will be grouped into 9 teams á 4 students (mixed) to handle the case. For the finale, 3 groups will present their solutions for a panel. All participants are then invited to dinner and party/mingle afterwards.

The first event will be held the 26th of April at CBS, and the second event will be held on the 3rd of May in Lund, Sweden.

The purpose is to integrate two elite business schools in the Öresund region and enhance the cross-boarder interaction. Team-work and knowledge sharing between amongst the participant is developed through the opportunity to interact and together apply their skills on actual case from the business community.

Participation open for all CBS students, it is free of charge, no preparation and meals will be covered. To register for one of the 18 spots, simply fill out the following form latest April 20.
It is on a “FIRST come first served” basis, so be quick to register if you want to be sure to be among the 18 students that are a part of this unique event!

APPLY HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFBmU2dzV2p6aTFMOUQwMmNyMm9BV2c6MQ

Start applying NOW, April 13.
Deadline 20 April

The registration is binding for participation at BOTH event dates, April 26 at CBS and May 3rd in Lund
Initially, since we currently can only have 18 students, we have reserved 4-5 slots for each year (BSc & MSc), however if the quotas are not filled accordingly the first 18 will earn a spot.

So, add value to your CV and student life and join us in this unique opportunity to meet, work and network with students across Öresund and link minds!

Questions, inquiries?
Contact: elba10ac@student.cbs.dk

We look forward to share this unique event with you!

Exchange crew
Academic Council

The tentative plan is the following:

– 1100: Welcome and Presentation of the day
– 1115: Kick-off – Company and Case presentation, followed by brief Q&A session
– 1230: Brunch – opportunity to socialize with the company representatives and the students – Group formations.
– 1300: Workshop – The live case challenge, 9 teams á 4 students, working with the questions and preparing a presentation.
– 1600: Refreshments and snacks
– 1700: Team presentations & plenum discussion
o Ultimately, 3 chosen teams present for the entire student plenum and a panel. The team winning team will be awarded.
– 1900: Dinner/party.

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