Guest Lecture with David Marquet

“We will all become managers” – a phrase that we hear from day 1, when we enter CBS – but what kind of manager do you want to be?? Do you want a team who’s capable and responsible, who knows what to do, how to do it and are actually enjoying doing it? Then keep reading.

IBP Academic would like to invite you to an hour with the author of ”Turn the ship around”, David Marquet. A retired US-navy captain who managed to turn the submarine ”Santa Fe” from worst to first by using radical different management techniques and completety changing the mindset on the ship. He knocked down the old-fashioned ”top-down” and ”control and demand” mindset and introduced a mindset that creates leadership at every level.

In this lecture David will come tell us about his experiences, talk about how these leadership ideas can be applied in our lives as students and when we get out in the ”real world.” So show up on Monday at 12.45 in SPs16 and be inspired!

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