Travel Reports

Dear IBP students,

As many of you know e-campus have a large section full of travel reports from CBS students who went on exchange. These travel reports are a great way of getting a sense of what it is like at the particular country and university that students have in mind.

At the moment though, there are no reports from bachelor or master students who took an internship on their fifth or third semester. Therefore we have decided to start such a section for IBPs containing both travel reports regarding internships and exchange on the IBP Union webpage. We encourage the people who are doing an internship to write a report, just as the people who go on exchange do. We also encourage those of you who are on exchange to send us your travel report.

The objective of all this is to make it easier for IBP students to get a feeling of how it was for other IBP students when they took an internship or went on exchange. Instead of having to search through all the pages at e-campus, the information will be available at this homepage.

We are looking forward to receiving your reports on


IBP Academic Committee

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