Get smarter – Come and hear Mark Blyth on the Debt Crisis


We are proud to present an exclusive guest lecture with one of the world’s most acclaimed scholars withing International Political Economy, Professor Mark Blyth in Copenhagen on June 17th. The event is arranged by International Debat and IBP Union and will take place from 15:30 – 17:00 at SPs16

The subject of this lecture will be the economic situation in Europe since the financial crisis, and how the perceived (and political) solutions might have done nothing but worsening the problem.

One of the remarkable things about Europe’s on-going travails is how a slow motion banking crisis that is in many respects a re-run of the US Repo funding crisis of 2007-8 was re-labeled a sovereign debt crisis by European policy elites in 2010. Moreover, those policy elites doubled down on austerity as the solution to those travails with the result that European debt loadings are higher while the underlying economies have shrunk. Given that cutting public spending to zero will do nothing to solve the problem of a trillion and a half of NPLs buried on the balance sheets of core European banks, one must wonder why such a policy continues, especially when Europe as a whole is still shrinking.
This talk tells you why this policy continues and why we should all should take notice of the ‘bait and switch’ at the heart of it.

Mark Blyth, professor of International Political Economy (IPE) at Brown University, is most known for his authorship of the acclaimed books “Great Transformations: Economic Ideas and Institutional Change in the Twentieth Century” and more recently ”Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea”. His research covers a great range of fields within IPE, institutional change, uncertainty and complexity, the history of IPE and the politics of finance and financial regulation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Mark Blyth in action – join us for an interesting lecture and discussion!
The event is open to everyone, and will take place in English.

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