Thank you for an amazing year!


IBP Union would like to thank you all for an amazing year. We wish all the graduates the very best and of course look forward to see the BSc graduates around at the IBP master or other CBS master programs. We hope that all the 2nd years will have an awesome 5th semester on exchange and encourage you to keep us all updated. Also we look forward to welcome the new students both masters and bachelors and are excited about the future incredible times together with you and IBP Union.

If you haven’t yet checked them out, see the graduations photos from the ceremony here.
Here you will also find the once from the graduation evening, where the 2nd and 1st years threw a great party following the instructions of Mari and Julie Mohr, who all deserve a great applause.

You can also enjoy the pictures from the BBQ here, before we say goodbye and wish you all a great summer. Look out for our upcoming events next year and join the fun.

//IBP Union

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