Welcome new IBPs

Hey and welcome to the amazing IBP program – you made the cut!
But before you can become a true IBP, you have to pass the intro week.
All your intro guides will test you and push you to make sure that you and your fellow IBPs will have the most amazing time ever! Do NOT miss out on these amazing weeks starting the 18th of August.
Especially the Cabin Trip will blow your mind and create life long friendships.
To prepare for an awesome time please check out the IBP intro 2014 page and the FAQ page for essential information.

If any other questions about the intro program please contact the trust tutors listed in the intro magazine.
For questions regarding IBP Union please email ibpunion@gmail.com
If any other concerns or questions regarding the study – ATTEND THE INTRO WEEK and get all your answers there.

//IBP Union and the Tutor Team

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