Ukraine Debate

Ukraine debate

Dear Students and faculty

With the recent events in Ukraine including the annexation of Crimea there is no doubt that something has to be done to save the nation. But what is the right answer? And what even escalated the tensions in the region to begin with?

Is there a way out of the next 20 years of despair that Ukraine faces? Does Ukraine need a hand to lead the way out of the shadows towards progress or can it reform to save itself?

Come and hear the leading experts on Russia and Ukraine on the 12th of November from 18.00 – 20.00 at SP202, Solbjerg Plads 4, Frederiksberg. This event hosted by IBP Academic will – if not grant you the answers – enlighten you on the possible paths for the future of Ukraine.

We are proud to present the speakers

► Karsten Møller
Major General and Senior Analyst at Danish Institute for International Studies with expertice in Russian domestic, foreign and security politics, Ukraine and the post-soviet space and Danish security and foreign politics.

► Samuel Rachlin
Author, Jorunalist and former DR correspondent who recently published the book “Jeg, Putin”

► Claus Mathiesen
Lector at the Danish Defence Institute and former defence attaché in Ukraine.

► Jonathan Power
Journalist and author who is best know for his weekly column on foreign affairs that ran in the International Herald Tribune (now the International New York Times) for 20 years.

► Simon Kruse
The Moscow correspondent for Berlingske who since 2006 has reported from Russia and Ukraine.

And the debate will be moderated by our very own Edward Ashbee from the department of Business and Politics

We look forward to see you at this open event, so feel free to bring your fellow students and faculty members

IBP Union

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