The role of The National Bank of Denmark

Dear IBP students!

IBP Academic is proud to announce an intriguing event at the National Bank of Denmark to relate the macro-knowledge from our textbooks into the practice of a National Bank.

Having learned the mechanisms from macroeconomics, this event will provide you with an indebts presentation of the role of the National Bank of Denmark. As a participant, you will get a greater insight into the role of national banks and how economists approach the economic challenges of tomorrow.

– Introduction to the two presenters:
Troels Kromand Danielsen; Economist, Macroeconomic Analysis Division dealing with Economics and Monetary Policy
Casper Winther Nguyen Jørgensen; Economist, Macroeconomic Analysis Division dealing with Economics and Monetary Policy
– Presentation of the usage of the IS-LM-PC in the National Bank
– Recent short term developments in the Danish Economy
– Insight to the preparation of forecasts
– Questions

Since the Danish currency is pegged to the Euro, the event will not focus on the IPC curve but rather the IS-LM-PC model. When working in this field of operations, forecasts are essential. Forecasts that you as a participant will get a thorough understanding of by the two presenting economists of the National Bank of Denmark.

So, if you feel like expanding your academic horizon with regards to the work of the National Bank of Denmark, sign up for this event.

You do not have to apply with your CVs nor grades. You only have to transfer a NO-SHOW deposit of 50 DKK to IBP Union that will be transferred back to you on the day of the event.
MobilePay number: 80596
OR if you want to pay in cash, write Frederik S. Ohrt a message stating your participation.

This NO-SHOW deposit is only to make sure that sign ups is followed up by participation.

We have 45 SPOTS for this event – First come, first served.

We are looking forward to seeing you

// IBP Academic

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