Questions we have received regarding the enrollment to IBP and the intro weeks

When and where does the intro program begin?

– The intro program begins around 2 weeks prior to study start 1st of September. Please consult with your intro tutors for more precise information. If you’re still in doubt feel free to email IBP Union and we will forward your request.

When and where can we buy our books for the 1st semester?

– The list of books you need will be published on the homepage of Academic Books, which is also the store where you can purchase them. It isn’t available yet, but by checking this page once in a while (you need to type in “CBS”, “BSc in International Business and Politics” and “1st semester” in the form at the bottom), you won’t miss it. Another possibility is to purchase previous editions from students that have attended the same courses as you. This group has been created for coordination.

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