Spring Gala 2014

10299135_582032801910303_3461024284012456881_nThe Gala Commitee 2014 from Left to right
Top row: Lisa, Laura, Line, Emma, Signe, Ida, Katherina
Bottom row: Karl-Henrik, Claes, Andreas

The Spring Gala
Known through out all of CBS to be the wildest party of the year. A proper party with sitting dinner and black tie clothing.
Since 2006 it has been a tradition to host a Christmas Gala that has been arranged by the freshmen students. Because christmas is a busy time for all of us with exams, family dinners and other christmas parties, we have in 2014 decided to move it to Spring, where we all have a little more time and money on our hands. Also this is a great way to end the year. We hope to carry on this tradition and are looking forward to see you all next year

Find the photos from the Spring Gala 2014 here

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