General Assembly 2013

At the General Assembly 2013, 9 new members will be elected into the board of the IBP union. The General Assembly will take place on thursday the 21st of February between 18.15-20.00 in SP202. Visit the event on Facebook and please attend if you are planning to come!

Here is the full list of IBP students running for a position of the board. Please read about them and why they want to become a part of the board of IBP union.

Running for Chairmanship


Selma Skov Høye, 1st year Bachelor student
“The reason I’m running for the position is because I think this organization is a fantastic initiative and that it’s got a great amount of potential, in addition to what’s already been obtained. I would like to contribute to our study program by improving the cooperation between the separate committees, assuring progress in the work of the Union, and in general working hard to emphasize what makes our program so special – the political part. I have a lot of experience from different types of volunteer work, and have had positions including a large degree of responsibility before. Therefore I feel confident that I’m up for the task, and hope I’ll get the chance to make the study environment at IBP even better.”


Azat Musin, 1st year Bachelor student
My goal as IBP Union Chairman will be, through my professional experience and passion for networking, to bring the student organization to the next level and improve the program’s image even further, paying special attention to the increased level of student involvement, higher inflow of sponsor resources, better marketing strategy as well as the provision of new and more exciting experiences for the IBP students. Moreover, it will be my priority as IBP Union Chairman to continue the tradition of creating amazing atmosphere and the uniting team spirit among fellow students, which altogether will make IBP not one of the best programs in Denmark, but THE best one. It is in our hands to change for the better how the IBP program is perceived and I truly believe that I have the knowledge, the spirit and capabilities to promote the IBP program and the Union to the level, where each and everyone is proud to be an IBP student and feels passionate and inspired about being one of US!

Running for Vice Chairmanship


Anders Frank Skov, 1st year Bachelor student
I hope to develop the Union into a stronger Union, especially through a higher level of cooperation with the business commodity. This is both to ensure a large amount of economic freedom for the Unions social and academic work, but also to show the IBP flag, and get the business commodity to understand the impotency and high academic value of our program. I am the former chairman of both the academic and party committee on Zealand Business College.

Running for Head of the Social Committee


Camilla Kaiser Dalgaard, 1st year Bachelor student
I take a lot of initiative and always think of the next perfect social event and this tendency of mine should benefit my fellow IBP’s. I have a lot of experience with arranging different kinds of activities (conferences, summercamps, trips abroad and the like) as I’ve been a member of the activity committee in a youth organisation, but also a hell of a lot of parties for massive amounts of peeps. I was responsible for a gala-party for a thousand students at my high school, and since then I’ve only grown fonder of and better at the party-and-other-fun-stuff-arranging-business.

Christian copy

Christian Langkjær Nielsen, 1st year Bachelor student
My name is Christian Langkjær Nielsen, and I would like to apply the position of IBP Social. I have always enjoyed meeting new people, and I don’t see a better way to do this than arranging social events. I have experience in arranging such events, which have varied from small summer parties for 20 people to ski trips for 400 people. I am a very energetic person, and will never say no to a good party, let alone arrange one. I think we have a lot of good events already, and I look forward to the ones to come, but I believe that I can contribute with new events, as well as modify some of the old ones in order to make them even better.

Running for Head of the Academic Committee


Jasmin Sharzad, 1st year Bachelor student
You have probably heard about one-time events such as the Nordea case competition and the knowledge-sharing event that took place recently, but most of the IBP students do not know what the IBP Academic Committee is really about. The IBP Academic Committee has the potential of combining study life with the real world, and what I would like to add to the development is to arrange events that not only have business on the agenda but also politics. This is one of the main reasons for why I am running for the board.

Running for Board membership


Samira Bourraman, 2nd year Bachelor student
This is a great opportunity for me to expand my organizational skills around issues that matter in our life’s at campus. With my self-determination and creative problem-solving skills, I believe that my contributions will be of great value.


Kia Slæbæk Jensen, 1st year Bachelor student
I am ready to work hard to make our student union even better. I have arranged last year’s Christmas Gala as well as planning the IBP American Election Night Celebrations. Moreover I am involved in the new organization CBS Building Tomorrow to fundraise to build schools in Uganda. IBP has such a great student environment, which I believe is very much an achievement of the IBP Union. I am running for board because I want to continue the traditions started here, but also to improve and further develop them. Our study has the great mix of economy and politics, which I wish to resemble more in the Union’s activities. I will work to have more political events such as embassy visits, political cases to match the “Linking Minds” and events linking economy and politics. Moreover, as much as I enjoy our crazy parties, I would like to establish more activities which link both academia and socialization.

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