General assembly 2014

At the General Assembly 2014, 9 new members will be elected into the board of the IBP union. The General Assembly will take place on thursday the 27th of March between 17-19 in SP202. Visit the event on Facebook and please attend if you are planning to come!

Here is the full list of IBP students running for a position of the board. Please read about them and why they want to become a part of the board of IBP union.


Running for Chairmanship

katherina for ibp unionKatherina Hansen, 1st year BSc student

My overall ambition running for the chair of the IBP union is to ensure and spread the IBP spirit through a strong IBP union, where sharing is caring and participation becomes a matter of course.

I aim to accomplish this through three main steps: First, to sustain a balanced budget and increase funds. Secondly, to further integrate especially the masters, but also the 3rd year IBP’s into the IBP union.  Thirdly and most importantly, to uphold the amazing IBP spirit by making sure that the IBP union remains the base for future, awesome experiences.

All this I wish to carry out simply because what is keeping me on the IBP course is the way the IBP spirit is reflected throughout the whole programme. IBP union is the strength and advantage of being an IBP student, because of the social environment the union creates. This is what makes our time together unforgettable.

So if you want a dedicated chairman representing the IBP spirit, vote for me.


Running for Vice Chairmanship

401871_10150915920512319_618876941_n-3 2Selma Skov Høye, 2nd year BSc student

Having spent the past year in the position as Chair of IBP Union, I would now like to hand over the baton, while still being involved in this amazing organization. I would therefore like to run for Vice Chairmanship, a role that I feel confident that I willl bring a lot of knowledge and experience to. I have a high degree of knowledge about how IBP Union works, in terms of both financial and organizational operations, which I’m sure will secure a smooth transition for the new board. Furthermore, I would like to develop IBP Union even further through among others improving possibilities for IBP students to bring their own ideas to the table, and ensuring that IBP Union continues to host events that enhance the incredible academic and social environment of the IBP Program.


Running for Head of the Academic Committee

14b6532-1Jeppe Mulvad Jensen, 1st year BSc student

I already became interested in IBP Academic during my intro programme and I have therefore been engaged since my first real day at campus. I quickly realised that I wanted to contribute even more to IBP Academic as well as the IBP programme by becoming head of the committee in the long run. I have consequently been very active in the organization and have attended every meeting and closely followed every project, which is why I have gained a great knowledge in the organization in terms of its economy, structure as well as its members and their competencies.

My main project in IBP Academic has been arranging a panel debate between the front-runners for the European Parliament Election in May. Politicians such as Margrete Auken, Morten Messerschmidt, Morten Helveg, Christina Egelund and Jens Rohde will be attending and I have furthermore signed a contract with Clement Kjersgaard as the moderator. Arranging this event has been and still is a great deal of work, but I have gained insight in many formalities/ practicalities within CBS such as how to get additional funding, corporation with other student organizations, booking of auditoriums and the like. My hands-on experience with CBS’ bureaucracy will help me in my future work in IBP Academic and hopefully as head of the committee. I will at the General Assembly present my plans for IBP Academic’s future if I am elected.

481862_4873829844367_807649983_nIda Maria Frederiksen, 1st year BSc student

The IBP Academic Committee has a great potential of becoming more visible and easier to engage in for students, as it is possible to host some really relevant and interesting events, which combines our knowledge from our studies with real-life experience. One of my ambitions for the IBP Academic is to create more events with companies and organizations, as it is interesting for both us and for companies and organizations to recognize IBP as the great study program it is. I have done a lot of volunteer work before, and I have also been very engaged in the work in the IBP Academic Committee and have been a part of most of the planning. This is why you should choose me as the new head of the Academic Committee as I both have the ambitions and the experience to fill in the post.

IMG_2043Finja Koester, 1st year BSc student

In my opinion, it is crucial to take a close look at current happenings in the world of business and politics and to relate some of the theory learned in the lectures to it. My motivation behind my candidature for the Head of the Academic Committee is to keep up the great atmosphere in our study programme on an academic basis and to work hard to further build upon and enhance its unique character. Through several internships and seminars but particularly through my voluntary work for a Europe-wide student-led political organization, I had to be in contact with a multitude of people and started to really enjoy networking which I believe would help me tremendously in organising academic events or guest lectures.​

profilOlav Bjerke Soldal, 1st year BSc student

Through my engagement in IBP Union I want to focus my energy on promoting the IBP Union’s Academic Committee because I truly feel there is so much hidden academic potential in a higher education that students themselves and ONLY students can conjure. Our professors and administration can only facilitate so much of what is potentially valuable knowledge and first-hand insight for an IBP student. And for IBP’s there are very few limits, and MANY different fields of interests. I have already experienced for myself how well reputed IBP is among high-profile scholars and intellectuals! I believe we can get a whole new dimension to our academics by activating the students in our academic curriculum and bringing us a few steps closer to the world outside CBS: A world where business means politics and politics means business.


Running for Head of the Social Committee

1911634_10152336251121122_2109957464_nEmma Bramsen, 1st year BSc student

IBP is a study program which is characterised by interesting subjects and good professors, but most importantly, fun, amazing and hardworking students – who sometimes need a break from all that hard work. IBP social is a tool we can use to bring all of the IBP students together across the years and ensure they have fun and get to know each other; socialising and partying goes hand i hand! I want to improve the cooperation and the relations between the students in IBP through different types of events all year around; fun cocktail nights, classy gala events, theme parties and casual bar nights – we can have it all! Furthermore, I am keen on expanding the previous cooperation between the other boards to ensure we create the most successful and interesting events for the IBP students – you deserve it!


Running for Board Membership

10151631_10152083348263763_1428532250_nFelix Harrer, 2nd year MSc student

Having been a part of the board the past year, I would like to continue working with IBP Union and making sure that this fantastic organization continues to embrace both bachelor and master students even further!

Being in the board is also a lot of fun (though not as much as skiing).

Maicol_Piani_Black&WhiteMaicol Piani, 1st year MSc student

My name is Maicol Piani and I would like to represent my Master’s fellow students in the IBP Union Board, a body that has demonstrated to be successful in organizing many interesting actives in which I wish I could play a bigger part into.

I can bring to the table a different background enriched by experiences in different countries, studies that cover subjects that could be very useful in managing the Union (eg. Accounting and Financial Controlling) and jobs that made me be a great colleague to work with.

I believe that my positive attitude could be an useful asset for the Union in its whole and I hope that putting myself to service will help the association to grow even more in the next 12 months.

2012-11-04 23.34.17_2Sheryne Hafez, 3rd year BSc student

I’m 24 years old, studying the third year of the IBP bachelor and planning to continue my master within the IBP program. I have always been very interested in volunteering, it’s with this mindset that I got involved with different organizations. In AIESEC, I led several projects and became president of my branch. With CBS Students, I organized the 2011 Election and the 2012 Student Society day, I also became member of the Academic Council last year and was really pleased to be able to contribute ideas to CBS.

I value greatly the IBP Program, whether it is the social or academic aspect of it, being a tutor and a mentor has made me grow even fonder of the union and what it does for our students. I truly believe that the union would benefit from closing the gap between the bachelor and master students and I would like to work towards that. The experiences I mentioned taught me a lot and I would very much like to apply what I’ve learned to the union.

969299_10151589278954089_1432068011_nJasmin Sharzad, 2nd year BSc student

During this school year I have been representing IBP students through IBP Academic. As a committee leader I have made sure that academic events such as guest lectures and the now upcoming case competition Linking Minds has been arranged. Being the head of the academic committee has also meant that I have been a board member, which means that I already know the procedures and how things are to be done. This is a great advantage, as it can sometimes take time to get familiar with these – time that could be spend on new arrangements and developing new projects. I am confident that I will be able to represent not only IBP students from my own year, but all members of the IBP family.

SigismundSigismund Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, 1st year BSc student

The IBP union, friends and community has given me a fantastic first semester. This spirit has to be cared for and given to the new generation of IBP’s. It would be a great thing and an honour to contribute to the project of an IBP community.

Some of the possibilities I see is e.g. in the IBP Academic where you could develop the academic database. The assignment bank could be extended to an IBP Notes bank with overviews of different topics in different courses. Another initiative could be an IBP Sportsday sponsored by different firms associated with our own organization.

Personal description: The way I like to work is project-orientated. There is nothing better than working with new people and taking an initiative for me.

There are so many possibilities for empowering the IBP organization. If you choose me for the IBP Union Board – I’ll show you!

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