General Assembly 2015

At the General Assembly 2015, 7-8 new members will be elected into the board of the IBP union. The General Assembly will take place on thursday the 5th of March between 17.30-19.30 in SPs06. Visit the event on Facebook and please attend if you are planning to come!

Here is the full list of IBP students running for a position of the board. Please read about them and why they want to become a part of the board of IBP union.

Running for Chairmanship


Helena Bograd, 1st year BSc student

My name is Helena Bograd and I am a 1st year student.

I have been a part of IBP Union since the beginning of 1st semester and it has been a great experience to help create and shape a lot of fun, educational and great events for our study program. I have acquired a great deal of knowledge about how the union works and, as the current management retires, I hope to be even more engaged than I’ve been able to as representative. This is why I run for Chair of the Union.

My ambition is, if elected as Chair of the IBP Union, to continue what we are already doing: Make IBP a great program with lots of options to participate in a wide range of events. The IBP Union if fortunate enough to have funds that enable us to host these amazing events and to support students in various projects. I aspire to keep our budget balanced and I hope to raise even more funding during the next year.

Our student union is an important part of the IBP Spirit, and through IBP Social and IBP Academic it covers both the “play hard” and “work hard” sides of our program.The events we host allow relationships across the years to flourish and I aim to make our student union even more relevant for both bachelor and master students.

IBP Union is part of what makes IBP such a special program and hope to be able to continue working to make our program the best program at CBS.

Runningfor Vice Chairmanship 

10177975_10203687965339007_7213328897839778093_n-2Katherina Hansen, 2nd year BSc student

As the current head of IBP Union I wish to make sure that the leadership transition goes smoothly enabling the organization to further evolve and continue providing amazing experiences for IBP students by becoming the Vice Chair of 2015.

During my tenure as president I have accomplished my 3 main goals in line with the IBP spirit. First of all I have helped maintain a balanced budget and raised funds by negotiating an increase in the sponsorship amount from CA-Akasse. Secondly the board have worked on integrating the masters further though a separate case competition, which is still in the process of establishment. Thirdly the IBP spirit is strong as always and I aim to maintain the strength of the Union by becoming the Vice President in 2015 ensuring a stable transition of values and experience.

My main goals as Vice Chairman is on an overall level to establish a stable base for the future work of IBP Union. On a more practical level I will undertake restructuring of the web page and manage the transition of the financial responsibilities, as our current treasurer will be leaving for an internship shortly.

I will be dedicated to promote the IBP Spirit for the sake of all former, current and future IBP students as always – so if you believe in IBP, vote for me.

Running for Head of the Academic Committee

Skærmbillede 2015-02-20 kl. 11.26.52

Emil Bille, 1st year BSc student

IBP Academic caught my interest the first timeI heard about it. The way IBP Academic combines business and politics and makes it relevant to all IBP’s through different events eally made me want to be involved in this organization. Therefore, I have been an active member since I tarted the programme, and helped organizing different events My involvement in IBP Academic has helped me gain very useful knowledge about how the bureaucratic ways at CBS work which will be a big help in my future involvement in the organization.

My ambition with IBP Academic is first of all to maintain the important events such as Linking Minds and Knowledge sharing event, and focus on making them even better. Secondly, I want to focus on creating events with companies and establish connections between IBP students and relevant companies. Thirdly, I will have an equal amount of focus on business and politics events in order to keep up a nice balance between the B and P.

Finally, I want to say that IBP Academic is an essential part of the IBP programme, because of its ability to create a link to the outside world through different events. I want to fight for exactly that, which is why you should vote for me as the new head of the Academic Committee.

Running for Head of the social Committee 

Skærmbillede 2015-02-20 kl. 11.18.49Louise Bojen, 1st  year BSc student

Having spent the past year as a member of IBP social as well as a member of the gala committee, I now feel that I’m ready to take on some more responsibility as the head of IBP social. One of the reasons that made me apply for the IBP programme was its reputation of being a very social programme where the students know each other and enjoy having a lot of fun. I have surely not been disappointed in this but I still think that we could strengthen the solidarity of the students even more by bringing them closer together through different social events. This is exactly what I would work for as the head of IBP social. As the hardworking, bright and exceptional students we are, I think we also deserve to have a lot of fun and sometimes just forget all about books, lectures and exams. Therefore, a vote for me means a vote for crazy parties, casual socialising, and of course a lot of fun!

Running for Board membership

Skærmbillede 2015-02-19 kl. 12.30.12

Kristine Buus, 1st year BSc student, running for 2nd year representative

My name is Kristine Buus, I am 21 years old and I hope to be the representative for the 1st year IBP students in IBP Union.

I have been a part of the Red Cross for many years, where I have been a driving force in the planning and decision-making process for my department, thus I have quite a lot of knowledge about how organizations work. I am always very engaged in whatever I am doing, that being a school related event or a social event, and I would love to be able to represent my fellow 1st year students in the IBP Union and help shape the future of the IBP program.

I believe that being a part of the IBP Union would be a great opportunity for me to develop as a student and as a person and I believe that I would be able to contribute to the administrative work as well as the social events associated with IBP Union.

I view IBP Union as a fundamental part of the IBP spirit and as a part of the DNA of CBS – something I would love to be an active part of.


Jeppe Mulvad, 2nd year BSc student , running for 3rd year representative

My time as Head of the Academic Committee and member of the Union Board has been immensely rewarding and I wish to pass on my knowledge of the functioning of the Academic Committee as well as the Union to the new board. I am therefore running for 2nd year representative as I believe that I with numerous hours of work/experience can help with the transition. Furthermore, I still have many ambitions for the Union which I, as 2nd year representative, will be able to explore.

IMG_7043 2Mia Negru, 1st year MSc student, running forMSc 1st year representative 

I consider that my experience with volunteering organizations can be an asset for the union and the diversity I am about to contribute with would add value to the team.

I have been Secretary General of ELSA ( European Law Students’ Association) during my bachelor, and at this moment I am team leader in JCICI ( Junior Chamber International Copenhagen International) and VP Public Relations In Toastmasters Copenhagen Club. In ELSA I have ran academic projects addressed to our members and the civil society, in JCI I was responsible in 2014 for organizing the monthly meetings, from finding speakers and locations to creating the events on social media platforms. In Toastmasters, my VP PR position implied to create awareness about our club and manage the internal and external communication. Being a Global member of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Association too, my aim in IBP will be to organize a joint event relevant for both YPFP’s and IBP’s members.

I am a positive person with an international mindset and a creative problem solver. I believe being part of the IBP Union board can contribute to my further development and fulfill my student life at CBS.

Maicol Piani, 2nd year MSc student, running for MSc 2nd year representative 


I am running for the IBP Union Board for the second consecutive year.

I consider my experience as treasurer successful and I would like to continue giving my contribute to our community in the following months.

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