General Assembly 2017

At the General Assembly 2017, 7-8 new members for the board of IBP Union will be elected. The General Assembly will take place on 3rd March between 17.30-18.30 in DSC003. Please check out the Facebook Event for further information.

The full list of students running for board positions will be published 5 days prior to the General Assembly.

Financial Report

Following the transparency policy, we also publish our Financial Report 2017



Presidency: Emilie Ovesen

Something I am really proud of about being an IBP-student is the social aspect of our program. People are open and welcoming. We support each other and help each other. A key reason for this, I believe, lies in our student organization and the effort we as students put into it. Therefore it would be an honor for me to ensure that this student organization continues its tremendous work – bringing us students together! I hope to get the chance to carry on the great work of the past representatives and contribute with my own ideas and knowledge. I have been a great part of starting up a youth board in my own home town – way out in ‘Udkantsdanmark’ as our statistic professor would address it. So I have experience of organizing, delegating, and making things happening! Also when it seems a bit uphill. (As things can be out there in Udkanten.) Right from the heaths of Jutland, I will be ready to fight for the Union! Moreover, through my work in Academic I have played a role in organizing our new sponsors and I have gained insight into the organization and the work form of the IBP Union. I hope to get your support – not just at the General Assembly but through the whole next year – to make this student organization as great as ever for us, so that the IBP Union continuously will bring us the spirit of working hard, playing hard – by bringing us together.

Image may contain: 1 personVice-President: Lukas Sirch

As former president of the Union, I could create a close and good relationship with the study-board and would like to continue this over the next year. From the experiences I have had from being on the board, I would like to give on this information to the next board. I hence want to make the transition period as smooth as possible. There are also several plans that I could not finalize during my period as president, but I would like to continue working on them.


Treasurer: Carl Brenssell

First and foremost, I feel that as a German I do not have much to lose stepping into this at times potentially ungrateful role. In my function as a minimally rewarded slave (aka intern) at a television production company, I was sitting in a meeting concerning the editorial planning for low-budget German comedy shows when I realized that I had most likely reached rock bottom and should get the hell out of there. This being slightly beside the point I am trying to make, I further realized that it does not matter how hilarious – or insanely witless for that matter – you are, there will most likely be someone who will tell you that what you are suggesting is either morally questionable, irresponsibly expensive, fatally inappropriate, economically inconceivable, or a combination of the above. I thus joined the rest of literate society in recognizing that there are some significant restraints to creativity in terms of the possibility of ventures. For me this led to an appreciation of the financial side of things in terms of understanding which ideas might actually be feasible and realizing as many of such as possible with the resources at hand. In the aforementioned as well as other prior positions I touched upon different kinds of tasks in relation to the fields of accounting and budgeting and came to acknowledge it as truly
interesting to scrutinize in order to understand how a company or organization is built up and functions at its core. Based on my general interest in the financial sphere paired with my inherent German efficiency, I am confident that, in line with our course on financial accounting, I am very well equipped to handle all the tasks in relation to this role respectively have the tools at hand to overcome any challenges swiftly. Further I believe that through this position I would not just get the opportunity to experience finance in practice, yet could also make an impact on both the IBP social and academic life to keep this study programme as great as it is!


Head of Academic: Regitze Theill Jensen


Head of Social: Jesper Thunström

My motivation for becoming Head of Social is multifaceted and dynamic as I have both a passion for the board work conducted in the IBP Union and for the actual titular Head of Social. My past experience on over a dozen boards since I was 14 years old gives me both a good understanding of how board work functions but also a natural passion for the development that boards bring about. As Head of Social I have many ideas on how we can diversify our events and bring about democratic reform to the admittance of members in the Social committee. Sitting as a member of IBP Social for the past few months I believe I have a good understanding on how to build upon the success of what Social currently does and develop it further. Upon reading the IBP Union statue as well as its financial report for the last year, I think there are many things that need clarification such what constitutes membership of the Union and that there can be things to increase the revenue of the Union in an effort to invest the money in events and have more long-term sustainable finances. I have many ideas on things that can be done both on a Union and Social level that I have compiled into this small Candidate Manifesto that I encourage you to read to get a greater understanding of my ideas and the direction I would like to push the Union towards. My include but aren’t limited to the creation of an Alumni Association initially administered by the Union, creating a statute for IBP Social and more events that explore everything that Copenhagen has to offer. These and my many more ideas can be found at the following link:
I unfortunately won’t be able to attend the General Assembly and thus encourage you to get in touch with me and ask should you have any questions or concerns at all! I can be reached at my school email or on Facebook at and of course if you see me during class or in the halls, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have then.

Image may contain: 1 personMaster Representative: Jasmin Stamer

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