General Assembly 2018

At the General Assembly 2018, 5 new members for the board of IBP Union will be elected. The General Assembly will take place on 1st March between 15.30-17.00 in SPs05. Please check out the Facebook Event for further information.

The financial rapport for the year: IBP-Union-Annual-Report-2017-18



Rasmus Juul Eriknauer

When Sir Ernest Shackleton set out to conquer the South Pole more than a hundred years ago, he could have never anticipated the obstacles that him and his team had to overcome to survive and return home. After their ship got wrecked in the ice and they had travelled as far north as they could to the Elephant Island in the faint hope of catching the attention of a whaler, they seemed doomed to a cruel death. However, Shackleton took the lead and set out in a small boat on a death defying mission to cross to South Georgia. All the way through he was guided by the inspiration that, “optimism is moral courage.” Shackleton did what he had to do to save his men and the mission became known as the Endurance. That same endurance, determination, and optimism would guide me as president of the IBP Union. Being an IBP-student, I quickly realized that the social environment was unique. Here was something to protect and nurse. Truly, the Union’s motto, sharing is caring, encapsulates the welcoming, open, and supportive atmosphere. Further, the people I am surrounded by in IBP are all highly engaged, enthusiastic, and intelligent. This raises the academic ambitions and level of all. Therefore, it would be an honor for me to ensure that the Union overarching these Academic and Social aspects continues its excellent work to bring us students together. I hope to bring in my experience as former president of the student council at my high school as well as sitting on multiple different boards. This has given me great experience for taking action on ideas, organizing, and delegating the necessary work. I have stood up for my fellow students before, organized countless events, and done my very best to enhance their experience. Moreover, I have been an active part of the IBP Academic since the start of the program. I hope to bring greater optimism and inclusion of all years of IBP’ers and not least to continue the outstanding promotion of the IBP Union. Together we can overcome any challenges and continue to improve the student life of all IBP’ers. Just like Shackleton, I am ready to take leadership and I will work hard to keep this study program as great as it is.

Magnus Schou Madsen

For me the purpose of the Union is to contextualize the knowledge we get from the different courses to be able to apply it to the real world. Both in terms of the Academic side but just as much in terms of the Social aspect because social skills have a really important role to play in our future careers. The Union should essentially be a service provided for the student to create a better study environment and also to get more out of the IBP programme.

Through my work in the IBP Academic and participation in the beer drinking of the Friday bar and other great Social events, I have seen the huge amount of work and will that is being put into the Union. Even though the Union is working great at the moment, I believe there is a number of improvements to make. One of the most crucial ideas I have largely builds on an update of our website. I am confident that a cleaner and more professional look as well as a more user-friendly interface can make the website much more useful than it is today. I also want to create a new platform for knowledge sharing. This would imply an update of the already existing functions of the website, such as the assignment bank, and also adding new value to them. Hands-on experiences from exchange semesters abroad and internship semesters should be added, as well as a part devoted to the sharing of knowledge in terms of articles and book reviews relevant to the IBP programme.

With my ideas in hand and my strong will to make the IBP programme even better than it is today, I am ready to improve the Union in order for it to sustain itself for the next generations of IBP students to come.

Kirsten Olsen

Hello fellow IBPs, my name is Kirsten Olsen and I am running for the position of President of IBP Union. My motivation for wanting to take on this role is because I want to ensure that everyone in the IBP program feels represented and included. I want to strengthen the sense of community within our program and I believe that student voice is a key factor in accomplishing this goal. Also, I believe that while studying at CBS, it is crucial to have a healthy balance between academics and social activities and this will be one of my main priorities. During my time as an IBP student, I have been an active member of IBP Academic and was chosen as the First Year Representative of IBP Union. These opportunities have allowed me to gain valuable insight as to the inner workings and responsibilities of being a part of the Union. I believe that my experience will help me improve on the communication and relations between IBP Academic, Social and the Board which would therefore, result in the creation of events that more accurately reflect the needs of the student body. With your support, I hope that I will have the opportunity to continue working towards an even more inclusive and cohesive IBP Union because sharing is truly caring!

Look forward to seeing you at the General Assembly!

Vice President:

Michael Wachtell

Fellow IBP students,

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the previous members of the IBP Union. They have done a terrific job: Portraying a relentless enthusiasm and passion for building new collaborations with private corporations, political institutions, and NGO’s.

I will serve all the different business and political voices of you! I bring an honest passion for “the sharing is caring.” I believe this to be at the heart of the IBP journey as we support and help each other, every step of the way. I will stress this caring and supportive mentality through every board meeting, making it my core goal if elected. Consequently, I imagine the excellent Vice President as one who not only has a profound understanding of the IBP spirit but also has a broad knowledge of the CBS student organizations and the peer institutions. Hence, I believe I contain these abilities due to my involvement with IBP academic, Case Academy, Micro course representative, CBS Buddy Program, and shortly the CBS debate and Case teams. Furthermore, I bring a diverse set of ideas to the table as I have knowledge from the US school systems and how they run their student-run organizations, which I believe we could learn a lot from. Specifically, I would like to see an emphasis on public relations to show what is happening on the inside from the IBP union, which in return would allow a broader proportion of the students to share their opinions.

Lastly, a vote for me as Vice President would mean a mutual understanding for the needs of both the International and national students, knowledge of how the different CBS student organizations run and intertwine, and further broadening the network of IBP Union.

Head of Social:

Christian Stage

My successors have put a lot of work into IBP Social and at this point in time it has become a central institution within the IBP-programme. To the untrained eye, Social is responsible for every crazy party and drunken gathering of the IBP-students, but when you dig a little deeper, there is a lot more to it. Beneath the surface, Social is a society where creative minds can realize any social happening they imagine as long as they are determined to put in the work. My goal as head of Social is to make sure that this creativity gets to thrive even more, so we get to experience new and exciting types of get-togethers beyond drinking and dancing. To make sure that the members of social stay creative and determined, the Head of Social must be a competent leader and to me, a leader must be three things.

  1. An advisor

To whom the members can ask for advice and a helping hand without running the risk of losing control over the event-planning, being bossed around or intervened upon. I firmly believe that creativity doesn’t thrive under restraints, so the Head of Social should only actively engage in the planning of events (outside the ones he signs up for), when he is requested to do so.

  1. A role model

Members of social should do their best to be inclusive, make people feel welcome and encourage the establishment of new friendships among students at any event. These are principles that I myself strive to live after and combined with my ambition to help anyone and everyone as much as I can, I consider myself to be an appropriate role model for both new and old members.

  1. A confidant

Lastly, and most importantly the Head of Social must be approachable by everyone in the society, in order to ensure that no concern goes unresolved. It’s important that any member can come to the Head with worries they might have at any given time. He must always be available to discuss issues within the society in confidence, so everyone can be comfortable with their roles and tasks. Since I love to talk and even more so to listen, I feel the role as confidant comes completely natural to me.

Describing more specifically where I want to take Social in the future, than just “encouraging creativity” would take up too much space in this already long application, but the keywords are: Imagination, Entertainment and Openness. At the General Assembly I shall explain everything as carefully as I can and otherwise you are always welcome to contact me with any questions you might have.

Christian Stage, IBP 1st Year


Almanda Terese Molter

If I took a personality test in one of those mainstream magazines, I would definitely turn out as “the one you always find on the dancefloor”. I take pride in being the fuel to the party-tank at any given occasion. However, even though IBP social hosts many wonderful extravaganza events, it is more than just dinners and dances. It is a place where a platform is created to extend your network with fellow students amongst different years. I believe it is essential to feel not only academically connected to the program but socially as well, especially since good friends can help you through academically tough periods.

As an already active member of IBP Social, I have gotten to know the ways and sways of the committee. I have helped host the fall dinner, and I was a proud member of both the Quiz Night team and Christmas dinner squad. I am a very dedicated and ambitious person, and I always strive to do the best of my ability in everything I’m involved with. Even though it will be difficult to walk in Jesper’s steps, I would be proud to do so, and I will absolutely put in the work to make sure IBP social can become even better, if possible.

One point, which I find extremely important, and a point the former head of social also worked for, is that students’ wealth should not determine their ability to participate in every event. Quiz night was an example of a fee-free event, and as head of social I will focus on creating more events like this in the future. Furthermore, I want to try and better the relationship between master and bachelor students, as I think this has been a missed link both at social events and Friday bars. The idea is to have a couple of them represented in the social committee and get them involved in the decisions and planning.

Together with Morten I arranged the semester end party we had before Christmas. This is also something I would like to turn into an IBP tradition, as the feeling of getting through exams and surviving is definitely one to celebrate. Lastly, I know it has been a work in progress to create an alumni network for graduating students, and as head of social this is something I will prioritize to continue working on together with the new President and vice president.

Remember, it’s not only about the destination and where the program can bring you, it’s about having fun along the way as well.

Head of Academic:

Peter Risager

My name is Peter, I am 20 years old, and I am on my second semester at IBP. I am truly proud to be a part of IBP Academic, as I believe it perfectly captures the IBP spirit. Obtaining new knowledge through company visits, case competitions, study trips and other intriguing events while socializing with your fellow students is something that I find really unique. I would see it as an amazing opportunity to be able to shape the future for the organization.

I have always liked to arrange events of all different kinds. In high school, I was part of the party committee, Friday bar, School Board and I organized many different music events. Through this work I obtained a lot of knowledge on how to do organizational work. I am very glad that IBP has offered me the opportunity to continue to do organizational work, where I am part of both IBP Social and IBP Academic. Being part of both groups gives me the opportunity to ensure that we have a strong teamwork across the two organizations.

As head, I will make sure that IBP Academic continues to improve itself. Particularly, I will prioritize to do a make-over of the social media pages and the web page, which would make it easier to get information about our events. At the same time, it would make it more appealing for companies to partner with us, as our content will reach more people. Another important agenda for me is that we should be better at using each other’s strengths across the different event-groups. We have many skilled people with specific competencies such as PR, graphic design, budgeting, etc., which we should take more advantage of.

I will take big pride in my work as Head of Academic, and I will put as much effort as possible into ensuring that every event will be a great success. I will always be open to suggestions from anyone, and I will make sure that everyone is heard.

I hope you will all show up at the General Assembly on Thursday to show your support for IBP Union, to make your voice matter, and hopefully to vote for me as your new Head of IBP Academic.

Treasurer: Head of Finance

Morten Falk Rasmussen

When running an organization, the most important thing is making sure of the finances. I see it as of the utmost importance, that the Union of International Business and Politics each year can deliver a financial report that is trustworthy. As a man, with both a burning passion for the mathematical (I did extra-curricular math during the summer! Math camp is fun), financial organizing, and as a son of two bankers, I am a perfect fit for the job as treasurer.

I have always tried to do extra financing. In high school, I was treasurer for the student’s board, where I was in charge of the distribution of funds between the different organizations, and checking on their spending. Moreover, I was in charge of the gala party’s economic planning and finances. It was, more than anything else, a financial success.

As a part of the board, my hope is to be able to further develop IBP Union’s visual identity, thereby supporting the funding activities, so we can make more and better events in the future.

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