IBP Social

“IBP Social is the backbone of CBS’ most social study programme”
Johan Roos, former CBS president

The above statement says it all! IBP Social is a union-within-the-union in charge of the social aspect of the IBP student life. In IBP Social, we are all about keeping the social traditions alive while bringing about new ways of socializing to the IBP Students. We strive to strengthen the IBP spirit through a variety of social events for the students across the years. The most important factor behind the success of IBP Social is the voluntary work that the students put into the union. IBP Social is nothing without the energy and enthusiasm from it’s volunteers, which is why we need YOU to keep the wheels turning and to keep the IBP Spirit alive an thriving!

To become a volunteer or for other inquiries, please contact the current head of IBP Social, Almanda Terese Molter:


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