IBP Union along with the Lund School of Economics, presents to you the annual flagship Linking Minds Case Competition.

Linking Minds Case Competition (LM) is an unique annual event hosted together with Lund University in Sweden. Each year we arrange a case competition divided in two parts. One case takes place in Copenhagen and the other in Lund. The participating companies and the type of case vary from year to year, but the experience is always enriching. The time and length of LM also varies but usually consists of 3 days during the spring; One pre event and two case days, one in each location. It also includes a variety of networking and social events such as a beautiful gala dinner in Lund.

In other words, if you are a bachelor IBP student interested in
• Economics, Politics and the relation between these two,
• Current affairs

And take an interest in
• Extending your network with any of the firms involved and your network outside Denmark,
• Developing case solving skills,
• Being evaluated by judges from the Central Bank and the companies involved,
• Becoming involved with a real life business case,
• And having fun with expenses covered (Note: there is a 200kr no show fee)

If you wish to participate  consider sending an application to be selected among the 20 students representing CBS at this year’s Linking Minds Case Competition. Application dates will be available on facebook.

Applications should be sent to ibpacademic@gmail.com and should include:

• Name, Phone number and email
• Age and Nationality
• Study programme and year
• A text of 10-15 lines outlining why you wish to become part of the team or how you can contribute to it.

Applications will be processed by the Career Center.

Should you wish to volunteer to plan and arrange LM join the academic committee for more info.

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