IBP’s Are Your Friends

IBP UNION is proud to present its annual first party of the semester. This is a unique chance to get to know the awesome people from your study program. The 1st and 2nd years will mingle, hookups will happen, people will get drunk. It’s going to be awesome.

IBP’s Are Your Friends 2014
Event coming up – Stay tuned

IBP’s Are Your Friends 2013


► Location: KONJAK café (only for IBP students)
► Time: Be there at 22.00, no later, you’ll regret it if you are. Ends at 03.00.
► Date: October 14th.
► Prices:
✓ Free entrance
✓ Big draft beer 30,-
✓ 10 shots 100,-
✓ Five different kinds of cocktails (min. 4cl spirits – we’re talking about Long Islands, Mojitos etc.) 30,- OH YEAH

► Oh I almost forgot, we bought a shit load of shots and drinks that will be there when you arrive. If you’re late, it’s your own fault.
► Payment: 105kr at http://billetto.dk/ibpsareyourfriends ASAP
► Deadline: 13-10-2011 at 23.00
► DJ’s:
→ DJ Soul Shot (Niels Madsen – Culture Box) 22-> 24
Famously recognized among IBP’s in general for supplying the swag tunes that make the world go around.
→ DJ Jonas Bruun and Maria Rosenstand 24-> End (03.00)
You might want to check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1zoHZLDjfI
We expect similar things to happen.

→dJEW(Casper Rouchmann – Has a vast experience from Sjöbo and Tel Aviv)

► Warm ups: We need at least 10 people willing to have 10-15 people over for a warm up. These warm ups should start at 19.00, and you decide if it’s with or without food. We will randomly combine 1st and 2nd years at these warm ups, so at the end of the night you will know loads of new IBPs (great idea). Write to Jacques Rosanes (remember to write how many you can have, if it’s with or without food – pizza/whatever) if you’re interested in having a warm up.
→ Remember cash, the bar will be crowded if everyone uses credit cards!
→ Remember, there are only four major parties for the IBPs, so you don’t want to miss out on the first party‼!

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